Everything Financial Charity Golf Tournament

This Year’s Sponsored Family


We were introduced to Carly and Ryan through Carly’s Aunt, who is a long-time friend of Peter and Christine and client of Everything Financial.  When we heard about the battle Carly and her husband Ryan were fighting with cancer we knew immediately that we wanted to help.  Ryan, Carly and their daughter Adelyn have endured more than any young family should have to experience in a lifetime.  Unfortunately, Ryan passed away in May.  At this year’s golf tournament we will celebrate his life and raise money for Carly and Adelyn during this difficult time in their lives.

Ryan and Carly’s Journey


Ryan began to experience lower back pain in August 2016 after a collision, where he was rear ended.  Doctors assumed the pain was related to the collision and prescribed him numerous muscle relaxants, and he regularly attended physiotherapy and acupuncture to help resolve the symptoms.  Ultimately there was no relief in the symptoms. Ryan’s symptoms began to worsen throughout the coming months.  His back pained worsened, he experienced numbness around his rib cage, severe migraines, and he lost the function of his left eye.


Ryan’s general practitioner began to take a closer look at his symptoms, and the reason as to what was causing them.  After reviewing his blood work, she asked him to go to Royal Columbian Hospital. On June 23, 2017, after an MRI our family learned the devastating news that Ryan had cancer.  Ryan’s scan showed that the cancer was in his bone marrow throughout his entire body, and had a tumour pressing on his spinal cord in his spine. Ryan had emergency radiation done on the tumour in his spine to elevate the pressure to the spinal cord.  There was concern that he was close to being paralyzed.


RCH ordered a bone biopsy to determine the type of cancer.  On July 7, 2017, we later learned that Ryan had an aggressive rare form of bone and soft tissue cancer called Ewing Sarcoma.  They were unable to determine the original site of the cancer, due to the metastasis. We were told that the cancer was incurable. His prognosis was unknown, and depended on how he responded to chemotherapy.


On July 8, 2017, our daughter, Adelyn Rose Schmidt, was born.  She came on the perfect day.  We always said that we felt that she knew that her daddy needed her to start to fight this disease.



Ryan immediately started chemotherapy at the Fraser Valley Cancer Centre.  He completed 14 rounds of chemotherapy, and his scans showed that the cancer stayed relatively stable throughout.  Ryan completed the 14 rounds in April 2018. In the months after chemotherapy ended, Ryan began to experience new pains.  After scans in July 2018, we learned that the cancer had progressed and metastasised to his lungs.  His oncologist team decided to start him on a new form of chemotherapy treatment. 


Ryan responded immediately to the chemotherapy, and scans showed the cancer as stable until October 2018.  Ryan’s pain began to increased, so he received palliative radiation treatment to areas that were causing him pain.  The doctors chose to continue with the same chemotherapy protocol, even though his clinical symptoms seemed to be worsening.


In February 2019, Ryan was sent to the emergency room by the oncologist, since he was showing some symptoms that could be related to a blood clot. Although, he did not have a blood clot, we found out that the cancer in his lungs had nearly doubled in size. His heart rate was extremely high, and they could not determine the cause.


Immediately after the oncologist planned to start Ryan on a new chemotherapy protocol.  Prior to starting, his pre-chemotherapy blood work showed he had extremely low platelets and low hemoglobin. Due to this, we found out the devastating news that Ryan was no longer a candidate for chemotherapy treatment. The oncologist advised us that Ryan had a prognosis of less than three months.


He began to receive weekly blood transfusions at Jim Pattision outpatient centre, and at Royal Columbian Hospital to help with his low hemoglobin, but Ryan’s health began to deteriorate rapidly.  His mobility became quite limited, and began to use a wheelchair. The pain continued to increase, and the narcotic pain medication was no longer providing him with relief.

On April 7, 2019, we got married at Rocky Point Park with all our closest family and friends.  It was a day that was filled with love and laughter.  

On April 22, 2019, Ryan was taken to Royal Columbian Hospital as had suddenly woken from a nap and realized he was paralyzed from the arms down. 


On April 24, 2019, Ryan passed away at Royal Columbian Hospital surrounded by our families.